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This finely-designed knife is rugged and lightweight with a low profile and outline.

The blade is contoured for a variety of outdoor uses and for concealed carry. At 1/8" thick, it's light enough for weight conscious backpackers and nimble enough for hunters. Bikers, off-roaders, campers, and many others will also find it extremely useful.

The Rocky Mountain Tread handles give a superior grip, even in wet conditions. Use it to prepare a fire, make snares, skin and process game, build a small shelter, and for any other camp chores including food prep. The Shadow Rider makes an ideal addition to a Bug-Out-Bag, 72-hour kit, or for light pack trips. It feels great in the hand, and it's easy to work with.

Please be advised: This knife was taken out of the original packaging in order to be used for pictures. It comes with  a whistle,  but no factory packaging and no warranty card. See TOPS warranty here: